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post hoc test). doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0067730.gspontaneous nociceptive response (licking) with inhibitions of 38610 and 5467 , respectively, similar to the inhibition of 5367 of the positive control camphor. In the cold plate, S-(+)dicentrine (100 mg/kg) increased the latency time for paw withdrawal in 80613 , similar to the positive control camphor (84617 ). When administered by intraplantar
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ed significance.Upregulation of TRPC Expression by Chronic Treatment with ATRATRPC1, 3, 4 and 6 were detected in A549 cells, but TRPC5 and TRPC7 were undetectable although the primer sets for TRPC5 and TRPC7 can amplify the mRNA isolated from brain or HepG2 cells (Fig. 3A). The two TRPC1 bands in the gel were a and b isoforms, and the bands for TRPC4 were a, b, c and d isoforms, respectively, as w
d using the total RNA isolated from Humulus lupulus leaves infected with Hop stunt viroid (HSVd). Total RNA was extracted and quantified by UV spectrophotometer as 200 ng/ml. 100 to 103 folds dilutions of the total RNA were screened using the microarray. The top genus and species predicted for RNA dilutions of 100 and 101 were Hostuviroid and HSVd, respectively (Figure 1). No Hostuviroid probes ga